• The travelling Texas armadillo, Bluebonnet is on the road again! This time, her travels take her to Kilgore, Texas, the home of one of the largest oild fields in the world. As soon as she arrives, Bluebonnet meets her four nephews –Wildecatter, Bradford, Hunt, and Lloyd__who tell her about their oil-industry namesakes. Bluebonnet is eager… [Continue Reading]

    Bluebonnet at the East Texas Oil Museum
  • from Pelican Publishing With curiosity as her guide, Bluebonnet, the most travelled armadillo in Texas, leaves her home in the Hill Country for a visit to Dinosaur Valley State Park. At the park, Bluebonnet’s adventure begins when she decides to explore what looks like a burrow in the ground. Inside the burrow, much to Bluebonnet’s… [Continue Reading]

    Bluebonnet at Dinosaur Valley State Park
  • Bluebonnet, the travelling Texas armadillo, arrives in the Marshall, Texas, town square early one morning. She sees the beautiful lights from Marshall’s “Wonderland of LIghts” festival, but it is not the festival that Blubonnet has come to see. Here curiosity has brought her to Marshall in search of the historic Marshall Train Depot. Just as… [Continue Reading]

    Bluebonnet at the Marshall Train Depot
  • Bluebonnet, everyone’s favorite Texas armadillo, is about to take a trip that will elevate the reputation of armadillos to new heights and altitudes! She’s blasting off on the space shuttle to become the first armadillo to attempt a space walk. She and her sister Normadillo are touring the Johnson Space Center in Houston when the… [Continue Reading]

    Bluebonnet at Johnson Space Center
  • This third in the series takes Bluebonnet to Dallas for the annual fall festivities. She has a surprise visit to the Cotton Bowl during the Texas vs. Oklahoma football game. There she meets a rabbit named Joe Bob from east Texas. They discover that the State Fair can be scary if you get lost, but… [Continue Reading]

    Bluebonnet at the State Fair of Texas
  • from Pelican Publishing “Texas, our Texas, all hail the mighty state!” sings Bluebonnet, the armadillo, as she begins the Texas State Song on the grounds of the state capitol in Austin. She soon meets Mac, a mockingbird, which happens to be the state bird of Texas. Mac offers to give Bluebonnet the tour of the… [Continue Reading]

    Bluebonnet at the Texas State Capitol
  • Bluebonnet explores the Ocean Star Museum in Galveston, Texas. To discover facts about the off shore oil system, she secretly follows a school group touring the museum. She learns about life on the drilling rig, offshore history, and rig safety through the tour guide and knowledgeable pelican, Red. Bluebonnet learns that the museum itself was… [Continue Reading]

    Bluebonnet at the Ocean Star Museum
  • Bluebonnet is off to visit Mount Vernon, Texas in this tenth book of the Bluebonnet Armadillo Adventure series. When she arrives on the Daphne Prairie, she meets Dandy Don, a short-eared owl named for Mount Vernon’s favorite native son, the late Don Meredith. The two nocturnal creatures take a night-time tour of historical sites, including… [Continue Reading]

    Bluebonnet Visits Mount Vernon, Texas
  • Although many armadillos reside in the Texas Hill Country, this is the story of a very special one named Bluebonnet. Dubbed “everyone’s favorite armadillo” by “Texas Highways” magazine, Bluebonnet is nurtured by her armadillo family until it’s time to leave the burrow. When she discovers a camp by the Guadalupe River, she longs to be… [Continue Reading]

    Bluebonnet of the Texas Hill Country
  • Bluebonnet, whose home was in the nearby Hill Country of Texas, paid a long awaited visit to the Alamo. To her surprise she met another armadillo. His name was Digger Diller, and he lived in a burrow under the Alamo. In fact, his family had lived there since the great battle in 1836. Their prized… [Continue Reading]

    Bluebonnet at the Alamo

Bluebonnet Says – Keep Readin’ & Keep Writin’

Bluebonnet the Armadillo

Bluebonnet the Armadillo

Bluebonnet is a traveling Texas armadillo who teaches children about Texas history and geography as she explores Texas landmarks and makes new friends. “The Bluebonnet Series” is composed of nine picture books which are used in elementary schools for Texas studies.

Bluebonnet takes her readers on excursions to places they too can visit. She has visited the Alamo, the State Fair of Texas, the State Capitol, Dinosaur Valley State Park, Johnson Space Center, The East Texas Oil Museum, the Marshall Train Depot, and the Ocean Star Museum.

On each adventure, Bluebonnet meets new friends. Together, they explore, learn, and find answers to puzzling circumstances causing them to become friends forever. Imagination and reality come together mixing history with modern day experiences showing children the value of reading as well as how writing can express the magic of everyday living.