A First

Last week, MBC and I experienced a “first:” we attended our first convention of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas.  It was the 126th time the “daughters” had gathered, however.  The DRT was founded in 1891.

The Daughters of the Republic of Texas are women who trace their ancestry to those who lived in Texas from 1836-1846 when Texas was its own nation.  MBC, whose maiden name is Oliphint, traces her lineage through her great-great grandfather, Wilford Oliphint, who lived in Sabine County with his family.  The Gaines-Oliphint cabin still stands there today, purchased by Martha Oliphint, MBC’s great-great grandmother, from the Gaines family.

You can read about the Gaines-Oliphint cabin here:


Now MBC may be a native of Louisiana (of which she is very proud), but she is definitely a genetic Texan!

Twelve years ago, MBC’s friend, Mrs. Elizabeth Walsh, encouraged her to join the DRT and invited her to become a member of her DRT chapter, James Butler Bonham. MBC has attended chapter meetings throughout the years, but attending this year’s state convention was a first.  Imagine her delight when Mrs. Walsh, now 103 years old, opened the convention by playing “Texas Our Texas” on the piano.

Fortunately for me, MBC took me along so we could sign books…..you know, those books about Texas history she writes…..with me as the main character!  We both had a great time meeting so many people who are as interested in Texas history as we are.

Mary Brooke Casad and Elizabeth Walsh


Bluebonnet and MBC signing Bluebonnet Armadillo Adventure books at the DRT “Bluebonnets and Boots” Convention


The Daughters of the Republic of Texas work to preserve Texas history in myriad ways.  One that was especially meaningful to MBC and me was the recognition of 4th and 7th grade students for essays on Texas history and the recognition of Texas history teachers.  We were pleased to attend the dinner awarding the 2017 winners. Congratulations!


There’s much more we could tell you about this convention, but I think this first one definitely won’t be our last.  We had a marvelous time and grew in our appreciation of the history of this organization that carries the spirit of Texas from past to present to future.

MBC and I will continue to do our part to teach children about Texas and its unique history!

As always, keep reading and writing!

Bluebonnet Armadillo