Another Texas Author!

The first author MBC and I would like to pay tribute to in the New Year is Dede Weldon Casad.  Dede is MBC’s mother-in-law.  I owe my very existence to Dede, since she was the one who shared her idea with MBC about an armadillo character who would travel to different places in Texas. She encouraged MBC to create me and write about me, and has been a big fan ever since.  Thank you, Dede!

Dede has written a wide variety of books—children’s books, books about notable Texans, self-help books, inspirational books, novels, etc.  Please take a few minutes to check out her website:

Of special note that MBC and I are most excited about is her latest book for children:  “The Abecedarian Book for Kids,” illustrated by  Mark Stokes. A description on her website says about this book:  “This fully illustrated book uses critters and creatures and crazy characters to portray each letter of the alphabet in a charming and memorable way.”

MBC had the opportunity to read this book to her grandchildren over the recent holidays, who happen to be Dede’s great-grandchildren!  We all can give it a whole-hearted recommendation! Very fun and informative!

MBC and I are pleased to pay special tribute to this extraordinary Texas author whom we love and admire very much!