Awesome in Action

This past summer, MBC and I were invited to do a presentation at the Northeast Texas Children’s Museum in Commerce, Texas.  We were pleased to meet Jeannie Perkins, who told us about a book entitled “Helping in Action,” by Nick Roussos.

MBC purchased a copy of this book at and recently read it to her grandchildren.  Nick grew up in Africa and created a story about a baby lion named Sandy.  The story is fun and imaginative, and also helps the reader think about helping others.  The book is illustrated by Pam Marcus-Bause, who drew some really awesome pictures!  MBC’s grandchildren loved reading this book!

Nick’s story is very inspirational.  He was born with cerebral palsy and uses a special chair to help him move and communicate.  He’s an avid sportsman and likes to horseback ride, water ski and snow ski.  He lives in Loveland, Colorado, and frequently visits schools to talk about his book.  He has received several awards for his work in Disability Awareness.  Nick is definitely “Awesome in Action!”

MBC and I are especially intrigued by the sub-title on Nick’s website:  “Changing the way a story is told.”  We think that our young reader friends can learn a lot from Nick about telling their own stories.  We are grateful to Nick for inspiring us with his story of “Helping in Action!”