Bluebonnet at the Alamo

MBC and Bluebonnet at the Alamo

First edition of Bluebonnet at the Alamo

Texans remember the brave heroes of the Alamo who died on March 6, 1836 with the cry “Remember the Alamo!” The epic story of this great battle, which took place in an old mission in San Antonio, is etched deeply in the hearts of Texans, who honor the sacrifice of the fallen that led to independence….the Republic of Texas.

When MBC is asked which of my adventures is her favorite, she will respond quickly “Bluebonnet at the Alamo!”  In the summer of 1983, the first book in the Bluebonnet Armadillo Adventure Series, “Bluebonnet of the Hill Country, was published, right after the birth of MBC’s second son, Carter.  The day before Carter’s birth, MBC was at the Dallas Public Library, researching Alamo history. As MBC likes to tell it, there were pages and pages in stacks of books that she read through, but it only took one sentence to give her the story idea.

The sentence stated the fact that Jim Bowie’s personal Bowie knife was lost at the battle of the Alamo, and to this day, no one is certain what became of the knife.  MBC seemed to know right away that Great Great Grand Diller had found the knife and hidden it away in his burrow.

Sometimes stories come as gifts; such was the case with this one.  It sort of took over, and in a short time, MBC discovered it had written itself.  She’s especially fond of Digger Diller, whom she based on several “larger than life” Texans she’s known.

The first edition of “Bluebonnet of the Alamo” was published in 1984 by Eakin Press, illustrated by Pat Binder. In 2013, MBC revised the story slightly, and it was illustrated by Benjamin Vincent and published by Pelican Press.  Both books have been sold in the Alamo gift shop.

Both of the Alamo books were dedicated to Mary Kelley, MBC’s maternal grandmother, who was noted for reminding her children to “Remember the Alamo” as they left the house.  That became family code for “Remember who you are. Remember that you are a part of this family, you are loved. Remember that with these gifts come expectation and responsibility.”  Perhaps she didn’t realize what a tradition she would start, how this saying would be passed down across the generations. But it’s become the motto for her family.

So, for all these reasons, the story of my adventures at the Alamo remains MBC’s favorite.

On this 182 anniversary of the battle of the Alamo, we solemnly remember those who perished and their sacrifice for freedom. May this story help us remember who we are. “Remember the Alamo!”

Bluebonnet Armadillo

Bluebonnet at the Alamo

Bluebonnet at the Alamo