Bluebonnet at the Ocean Star Museum

March is the month that many Texans take a “spring break,” and Galveston is a popular destination.  Seven years ago MBC received a call from the staff at the Ocean Star Museum in Galveston requesting a visit from Bluebonnet.  The museum, housed in an off-shore drilling rig in the Galveston harbor, was celebrating its 15th anniversary in 2012, and they wanted a book to commemorate the occasion.

MBC and Bluebonnet at the Ocean Star gift shop

Illustrator Benjamin Vincent and MBC visited the Ocean Star soon after that to learn about life on an off-shore drilling rig.  The staff was most helpful in giving them a tour and explaining the equipment. MBC and Benjamin noticed that pelicans liked to congregate on the decks, and MBC decided to create a special pelican friend for me. She named him “Red” after the famous oil rig firefighter Paul N. “Red” Adair. Benjamin Vincent gave him a red sailor’s hat. MBC and I also have a special connection to pelicans, since most of the Bluebonnet Armadillo Adventure series was published by Pelican Publishing Company.

Benjamin and MBC had quite a fun day learning about the Ocean Star and brainstorming about the book……after all, they make a pretty good team!  Shortly after their visit, MBC completed the manuscript, and Benjamin went to work on the illustrations.  The book was published just in time for the museum’s 15th anniversary!

A few months later, MBC and I returned to the Ocean Star for a book signing. It was a very fun day, especially when I met a brave volunteer who was dressed up like ME……biggie-size! The museum also awarded prizes that day to children who could find characters from my stories, hidden throughout the museum.

Find the armadillo at Ocean Star Museum

MBC’s favorite thing about this adventure is the boy she named Ben (her father and nephew’s name, as well as the name of our illustrator!) In the story, Ben is one of the school children visiting the Ocean Star.  He sees me several times, despite my best efforts to stay hidden, but no one believes him. Finally, at the end of the story, he’s proven right.

The book is dedicated to MBC’s three grandchildren, Revol, Patrick and Ana. She hopes that all schoolchildren can take advantage of the educational programs offered at the Ocean Star and visit this amazing museum.

So, if you’re headed to the Galveston beach this spring or summer, read about my adventure at the Ocean Star, then plan to have one of your own!

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Bluebonnet Armadillo

Bluebonnet at the Ocean Star Museum

Bluebonnet at the Ocean Star Museum


Illustrator Benjamin Vincent and Author MBC