Bluebonnet at the Texas State Capitol

Bluebonnet at the Texas State Capitol

Bluebonnet at the Texas State Capitol

from Pelican Publishing

“Texas, our Texas, all hail the mighty state!” sings Bluebonnet, the armadillo, as she begins the Texas State Song on the grounds of the state capitol in Austin.

She soon meets Mac, a mockingbird, which happens to be the state bird of Texas. Mac offers to give Bluebonnet the tour of the capitol. They sneak inside, and Mac shows Bluebonnet statues of Sam Houston and Stephen F. Austin.

As they contine their tour, they see a group of schoolchildren, including two that are dressed up as a Longhorn and an armadillo! Why would they be dressed up like that?

That’s exactly what Mac and Bluebonnet want to know, so they follow the sudents and find out that the children are meeting with the governor to try to decide on the official State mammal. Some children want the armadillo and others want the Longhorn. Which one will it be?

Soon, in an outdoor arena, they meed Mac’s friend Bevo, a Longhorn. He wants to find out what the State mammal is going to be, too. At first, Bluebonnet and Bevo don’t know what to make of each other. They are both being considered by the schoolchildren of Texas for the State mammal. The rivalry quickly dissolves, though, in the true spirit of the State motto, “Friendship”.

Together, they find out. Which one will it be? Which would you vote for? Longhorn or armadillo?

Bluebonnet at the State Capitol