Book #10!

Soon after MBC and I moved to Northeast Texas, we presented a program to the Franklin County Historical Association about the Bluebonnet Armadillo Adventure series. Several folks there suggested I should make Mount Vernon the site of my next adventure!

The Franklin County Historical Association soon commissioned us to create a book that would help teach Franklin County children about their history. MBC and I made several trips to Mount Vernon, and were joined by illustrator Benjamin Vincent for a special day of touring the numerous historical sites. We appreciated many helpful tour guides who shared their love of Franklin County and knowledge of its historical sites.

The manuscript and illustrations are currently at Eakin Press, awaiting publication. The book will be out soon!

Some of the featured highlights of the book include:

The Daphne Prairie, where prairie lands and wood lands have stayed the same for centuries. You can even see the “mima” mounds from the time of the armadillo ancestor, the glyptodont.

The Firehouse Museum, with exhibits of Mount Vernon’s favorite son, Don Meredith; a collection of over 200 eggs, including three from now-extinct birds, and lots more!

The Cotton Belt Depot, the train station which now houses a covered wagon, model train and depot office with a telegraph.

The Bankhead Highway Visitor’s Center, home of Henry Clay Thruston, tallest soldier in the Civil War.

The Franklin County Courthouse, built in 1912 and restored in 2013.

The Majors-Parchman House, second oldest home in Mount Vernon.

Fortunately, as the story goes, I meet a dandy tour guide named “Dandy Don.” (Can you guess who he’s named for?) We have a great tour of the historical sites, but I keep thinking that we’re being followed. The readers will enjoy discovering the clues and the surprise ending!

MBC and I are grateful to the Franklin County Historical Association for this opportunity, and of course to Benjamin for his excellent illustrations. We’ll look forward to letting you know when the book is available.

In the meantime, keep reading and writing!

Bluebonnet Armadillo