Summer Reading

The “lazy, hazy, crazy” days of summer offer hours of reading time, and MBC and I have recently come across some new children’s books which offer tales both inspiring and entertaining! Since my motto is to “keep reading and writing,” MBC is always thrilled to find friends and acquaintances who have done just that. The three books listed below are sure to pique the imaginations and warm the hearts of our young reader friends.

Ishmael the Snail by Madeleine Chalk introduces us to three friends who are each discovering their unique gifts. Wren learns to fly, and Hal the hare hops away. While the temptation is to compare his talents and gifts with others, Ishmael learns that finding his own gifts “at my own pace” is okay. He’s surprised to find that, with love and encouragement from his mother, Gail, just being himself can be a help to others. The soft, simple illustrations bring a calming beauty to this charming tale of Ishmael the snail.

Always Always Always, written by Audrey Copenhaver Nixon and illustrated by Kelsey Marshalsey, provides reassurance for young children of the unconditional love of parents in every season. The whimsical illustrations depict the parent/child relationship with a bear and cub, and reinforce that, through all kinds of weather, a parent’s love stays the same. Sweet and simple, the poetic verses lovingly reinforce that a parent’s love is present always, always, always.

Carrot Top the Island Cat, written and illustrated by Ann Coffee, (Happy Tales Press, Marble Falls, TX) introduces us to an orange cat, Carrot Top, who lives appropriately on Catalina Island. Life is good on the island for Carrot Top, but when Carrot Top’s cousin Butter, a yellow cat, is adopted and moves away, Carrot Top is lonely. Leaving his comfort zone, Carrot Top embarks on an adventure to a neighboring island, Balboa, in search of Butter. Balboa offers lots of excitement to Carrot Top, especially since he arrives on the Fourth of July. But will he find Cousin Butter? Read and find out! This is a “cativating” tale illustrated with beautiful paintings!

All three of these books are sure to delight young readers this summer and can be ordered from Amazon.

Congratulations to MBC’s friends on these beautiful books that encourage us all to “keep reading and writing!”

Have a dilly of a summer!

Bluebonnet Armadillo

Bluebonnet and her beginnings

Scepter of the Universe

MBC has a new book out, but it’s not about me! The E. Stanley Jones Foundation commissioned her to write his biography for young readers.

Due to an excellent suggestion by MBC’s husband, Vic, the life story of this renowned missionary evangelist of the 20th century is told by an Indian boy named Hira Lal. Dr. Jones’ missionary work took place primarily in India, where he founded Christian ashrams. Ashram, meaning “Apart from hard work,” is an ancient Indian practice of retreat and renewal to focus on religious teachings. The name “Hira Lal” is a Hindu name meaning “diamond.”

MBC read many books about Dr. Jones and his wife, Mabel. Mabel Jones also had a long, fruitful ministry as a missionary. She taught and administered a school for young Indian boys, the first of its kind.

Hira Lal learns from Dr. Jones both the challenges and joys of striving to be a follower of Jesus. MBC based the character of Hira Lal on interviews with persons who knew Dr. Jones when they were children.

“Scepter of the Universe” is available on Amazon or from the E. Stanley Jones Foundation ( Proceeds from the book sales benefit the ESJ Foundation.

And the title? MBC really likes it because she says it sounds like a video game, and hopefully young readers will be drawn to it. Dr. Jones was the author of 28 books, and he once wrote this statement: “A nail-pierced hand holds the scepter of the universe, and my knees bend before him.”

I hope you’ll read this book about the exceptional life and witness of E. Stanley Jones. As always….

Keep reading and writing,
Bluebonnet Armadillo


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