Connecting and empowering children

51eKXE72wjL._AA160_MBC and I just read a delightful new children’s book entitled “Elizabeth and Stella Meet ZOE.”

What’s that, you say?  YOU haven’t met ZOE?  This is a special empowerment movement that began in Africa to help orphans learn how to take care of themselves.  Through education, through community-building, through providing basic tools, through sharing God’s love, ZOE helps orphans become self-reliant in three years.  Approximately 28,000 children are participating in ZOE programs in Guatemala, India, Liberia,Kenya, Rwanda, Malawi and Zimbabwe.

The new book, written by Melissa Harrell, was inspired by her 2012 Trip of Hope with ZOE to Kenya. Melissa tells the tale of two young girls:  Elizabeth from America, and Stella from Kenya.  The story shows that their lives are very different, but connected through the ZOE ministry.  Both Elizabeth and Stella discover they are able to make a difference through participating in the ZOE empowerment movement.

Amy Burkhardt Fetzer illustrated the book with lovely watercolor illustrations.  Young readers are sure to be inspired by this tale of generosity in action.

Proceeds from the sale of the book go to ZOE and can be ordered at:

MBC and I like books that connect children across the globe and encourage and inspire them into action, especially in action that makes a positive difference in the lives of others.  We heartily recommend this book for our young reader friends!

As always, keep reading and writing!  Bluebonnet Armadillo