Several months ago, MBC had a devotional published in The Upper Room.  She was amazed at how this experience connected her with people across the nation and globe.  One of the persons she became “email pals” with is Sandy Peele, from Raleigh, North Carolina.  Sandy was writing a children’s book, so the two of them began a correspondence about that process.

Sandy’s book “Talk to Us!  Your Golf Balls Can Help You” was recently published.  Sandy is able to combine her life-long love of golf into a clever story about two sisters, Sandy and Deb, on the golf course.  There are some surprising lessons to be learned from “talking golf balls,” not only about the game of golf, but about the game of life as well.   The illustrations also add a special touch!

To learn more about this book and order a copy, visit

Connections?  From a devotional magazine to a children’s book about golf, from North Carolina to Texas……who would have thought?  Technology helps us make new friends from many places!  What “connection” stories do you have to share?

Thanks, Sandy, for connecting with us and sharing your delightful story!