Everything Old is New Again!

Bluebonnet of the Texas Hill Country

MBC and I are pleased to announce the publication of the latest book in the Bluebonnet Armadillo Adventure Series, Bluebonnet of the Texas Hill Country, published by Eakin Press, Fort Worth, Texas.

However, this “new” book is actually a revision of an “old” book, the first in the series. Bluebonnet of the Hill Country was published 33 years ago this month by Eakin Press, which was at that time located in Austin.  Several years ago, this book went out-of-print.

But this story is foundational to who I am and where I’m from. It’s always the first story MBC tells when she speaks at schools and libraries. We had many requests for this book, and missed having it available.

So MBC took the original story, made a few tweaks here and there, and even changed the title.  Benjamin Vincent worked his magic with the illustrations, capturing the beauty of my native Texas hill country, and behold:  everything old is new again!

This story introduces my beloved parents, Mommadillo and Daddidillo, and my sisters Normadillo, Irmadillo and Arvilladillo.  It includes several facts about armadillos (did you know we can walk on the bottom of the riverbed?!) Readers will learn how I got my trademark blue sunbonnet, and of my desire to become a camper.  Of course, that’s when the fun and unexpected adventures begin!

We are grateful that Eakin Press, now located in Fort Worth, published this book just in time to coincide with a very special event, the 90th anniversary of Camp Waldemar in Hunt, Texas. MBC was first introduced to armadillos at Camp Waldemar, and several of the scenes in this book come from her childhood memories. Congratulations to Camp Waldemar for providing quality camping experiences and a lifetime of cherished memories to thousands of girls over the span of 90 years!

The books can be ordered on this website, or directly from www.EakinPress.com or from www.Amazon.com  Books can also be ordered from the Camp Waldemar store http://www.shop.campwaldemar.com/Bluebonnet-of-the-Texas-Hill-Country-BOOK6.htm

Hope you’ll read this tale of how I got my start in the Texas Hill Country as “everybody’s favorite armadillo.” (Texas Highways)

Keep reading and writing….and may all your days be filled with bluebonnets,

Bluebonnet Armadillo