On the first day of summer

On the first day of summer, MBC and I paid a visit to author Sharon Feldt and her friend, Sarah O’Shea.  We were eager to get an autographed copy of Sharon’s latest book, “Sarah O’Shea and the Wacky Faucet.”

Tagging along with us on this visit were MBC’s three grandchildren, Revol, Patrick and Ana, who are visiting from Colorado.  These three are big fans of the first book about Sarah, “The Scary Hair of Sarah O’Shea.”

The Scary Hair of Sarah O’Shea

So, they were especially excited to read the second book in the series about Sarah’s trip to the beach.

Sarah, known for her wild, unruly red hair (MBC can relate!) takes off on a family trip to the beach, along with her faithful dog, Claude.  She enjoys her time on the beach, but when some of the sea creatures make a surprise visit, she learns that the beach is not only her playground, but a home. This inspires her to take action in protecting the beach environment.

Now, MBC and I read this story to her three grandchildren, and we all decided to write this book review together.  So here’s what they had to say about “Sarah O’Shea and the Wacky Faucet”:

Ana (5):  “I love Sarah because of her wild red hair.”

Patrick (9): “This book teaches about taking care of sea life.”

Revol (10): “It will help you remember that you’re not the only thing that matters in the world.  Animals matter too.”

I’d say that’s a five-star recommendation!  As summer begins and our thoughts turn to summer reading, this book should be at the top of your list. You can order it at Barnes & Noble or Amazon or at www.sharonfeldt.com

Happy Summer Reading!

Bluebonnet Armadillo