Happy New Year!

It’s a tradition to make New Year resolutions as a way to welcome a year of new beginnings.  Have you made your New Year resolutions yet?

In 2014, my resolution is to lift up authors who have had a special influence in my life.  MBC and I have had the privilege of visiting schools and libraries for 30 years.  During that time, we’ve met children who had dreams of becoming authors…..and some of them have!  So, this year, this blog will feature some of those “young authors” that have inspired us with their hard work and determination.

Additionally, there are other authors we’ve met along the way who have a special place in our hearts.  There’s a special bond among authors as together they explore the mystery of words and writing.  MBC and I would like to introduce you to those authors who have given us encouragement and inspiration along the way.

We’d love to hear from you about your favorite authors, too.  Who are the authors that have touched your lives and given you fresh insights and enjoyment?

Hope you’ll check my blog throughout the year to read about these special authors……and share you own words about authors who have made an impact on you!

Wishing you a dilly of a year, Bluebonnet