If I had a pony…

For the past two years, MBC has served as a judge for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Trailblazer Writing Competition for Texas elementary school students. This year’s contest was open to 4th graders, who entered poems and essays on the theme of “If I had a pony….”

Pony ownership seems to be a universal desire of children, and MBC and I have had a great time reading the creative poems and essays about all the adventures one could have riding on a pony. Such talented writers with very creative imaginations!

Of course, MBC couldn’t help but recall that she also longed for a pony as a child. She was surprised when her dream actually came true the Christmas of 1963. Fortunately, she saved the poem and the essay she wrote as an eight-year-old, expressing her excitement about that magical day.

My Pony

On Christmas day,

I got a pony.

He had a saddle and bridle;

Everything I need,

But what about the feed?

Our Big Surprise

It was Christmas morning, 1963. My brothers and I ran through the hall calling, “It’s Christmas! Wake up!” Soon, we all went in to see what Santa had brought. Prissy, our dog, came in. We were giving her a collar for Christmas. We put it on her. Then, Daddy said, “Okay, take her outside.” I opened the door.

That’s when it happened. There was a beautiful brown pony in the carport! I called everyone to come see it. But Stuart, my brother, didn’t come. I went back to see why. He was putting on his cowboy clothes! No sir, he wasn’t riding any pony ’til he got his cowboy clothes on!

MBC and I hope that all the writers in the Trailblazer competition will one day realize their dreams of owning a pony, and be able to experience all the fantastic adventures they described.

Congratulations to all who entered a poem or essay in the contest. Don’t forget my motto: “Keep reading and keep writing!”

Happy Trails, Trailblazers!

Bluebonnet Armadillo