Learning about computers


MBC and I are well aware that children today know a lot more about computers than we do.  It seems that they start their computer education at very early ages.  To help them along, Dede Casad has created several books to help acquaint children with computers in a fun and compelling way.

Henry the Hard Drive and his friends, Monica the Monitor, Kelly the Keyboard, Mortimer the Mouse and Pete the Printer are a fun way to introduce young children to computer parts and how they interact.  Three different picture books offer adventuresome tales!

For older children, “The Oracle of Eden” chapter book follows the wanderings of Gail and Toby as they explore the inner workings of the computer—from the motherboard to cyberspace—and then find themselves trapped in the adventure of their lives fighting Visigoth, the Villian Virus, and his minions before the Oracle of Eden comes to their rescue.

The illustrations for all four books were created by Rod Keitz, and the books can be ordered on Amazon, and are available in both print and e-book format.

Children are learning to read and write on computers, so what better way to introduce them to the world of computers than through the fun and fantasy of these tales?

As always, keep reading and writing!  Bluebonnet Armadillo