Let’s hear it for Hannah!

In my travels across the great state of Texas, I visit lots of small towns.  I meet lots of talented people, and appreciate the community spirit and pride that emerges when a “hometown hero” is elevated to national prominence.

Such is the case with Hannah Kirby, a young woman from Sulphur Springs, Texas who has made it to the “Top Ten” on “The Voice” competition.  Sulphur Springs is showing their support with banners and yard signs all over town.  In fact, all of Hopkins County is “doing the Kirby!”  (That’s what we call Hannah’s unique style of dancing!)

MBC has heard Hannah sing at church several times.  Hannah’s soulful singing, accompanied by her violin, left no dry eyes in the church service…..including the preacher’s!  She does indeed, as Coach Pharrell says:  “come out swinging her purse like a Southern church lady!”

MBC also sings in the Northeast Texas Choral Society; Hannah performed with this choir a few years ago.  The entire choir breaks from rehearsals on Monday night to run down the hall to the “Watch Party,” so they can see Hannah perform on “The Voice” and vote for her.

So, why do “hometown heroes” get this kind of support from the community where they live?  I imagine it’s because, like Hannah, they are humble, grateful for their roots and the people who have helped form them, and generous in the sharing of their God-given gifts.  When the people you live with think you are wonderful……well, now that’s really sayin’ something!

Hope you’ll join me in voting for Hannah Kirby in “The Voice” competition!

Meanwhile…..keep readin’ and writin’……..and singin’ and dancin’!!

Bluebonnet Armadillo