How MBC and Bluebonnet ended up with the same birthday

Coincidence?  Well, as MBC often says, “There’s a story behind every story.”  MBC counts my birth from the completion of the first manuscript she wrote about me….Bluebonnet of the Hill Country.  It just so happens she put the finishing touches on that manuscript on September 15, 1982.  That was her birthday, so she decided it should be my birthday, too.  Of course, this means it is also my sisters’ birthday…Normadillo, Irmadillo and Arvilladillo.  I have three sisters, because armadillos always have their young four at a time, either all boys or all girls.  Armadillo babies are called pups; the four pups make a litter.  (Just like dogs!)  Lots of interesting things about armadillos….just read a Bluebonnet book to learn more about them!  But back to the subject of birthdays, MBC and I just celebrated ours together….and we had a dilly of a day!  If you’d like me to send you greetings on your birthday, please send a friend request to Bluebonnet Armadillo on Facebook!  Bluebonnet Armadillo