Recently, MBC was contacted by J.H. Reynolds.  Years ago, when J.H. was an elementary school student in Waco, Texas, MBC and I visited his school for an author presentation.  J.H. went on to say that he had also become an author!  MBC and I were thrilled to hear about this!

J.H. and his friend Craig Cunningham are the authors of a four-book series entitled “The Octobers.”  The four books introduce us to a cast of interesting, magical characters in the town of Hobble.  It’s a place where it’s always October; as soon as All Hallows’ Eve is over, the calendar starts over at October 1.

It’s Halloween week…..a great week to check out these books!  Please visit the website at www.theoctobers.com to order your copies.

We congratulate J.H. and Craig on their book series, and are pleased that J.H. took my motto seriously, “To keep reading and writing!”

As MBC says at the conclusion of every author presentation, “One day, we plan on reading the books that you have written!”  What a thrill to be reading the book of an elementary student who took this message to heart and worked hard to make his dreams come true!

Happy Halloween, y’all!