Of Books, Birthdays, Family and Football


MBC and I, through some strange coincidence, happen to share the same birthday…..September 15.  This year was an especially poignant one for MBC, one of those with a “zero.” It was also the only birthday she and I will have when our birthdate matched the year:  9/15/15.

Not only that, but this birthday was also the release date for a very special book, The Last Season, by Stuart Stevens. Stuart and MBC are cousins, and she’s been looking forward to reading this book for quite some time.  She’s very proud of her talented cousin, who is an author, screen writer, columnist and political consultant.

Seems that Stuart, upon reaching that special “zero” birthday MBC just celebrated, decided to spend the 2013 football season with his parents at the Ole Miss football games.  His father, Phineas Stevens, was 95 that year, the oldest living member of the Ole Miss Student Hall of Fame. The Last Season is a beautiful telling of their time together, a wonderful weaving of past and present as father and son celebrate the strong bonds formed in Stuart’s childhood at the football games.

MBC began reading the book early on the morning of her birthday, and devoured it faster than birthday cake.  She discovered that Stuart’s story is also her story, a story about family members she loves and adores. But even more than that, Stuart’s story is “our” story.  It’s a story of family, and the strong bonds of love across the years.  It’s a story set in the South that chronicles the tumultuous times of the Civil Rights Movement, as well as the current racial tensions of our day.  It’s a story of college football and the intense loyalty and pride of its fans.  It’s a story of coming to terms with loss and regrets, and finding gratitude for the memories, joy in the moment and hope for the future.

If this sounds like your story, you will love reading this book!


One more thing: as MBC was reading the book, I looked over her shoulder and saw the dedication of the book:

“For all the wonderful teachers who taught me how to read and tried to teach me to write.”

That should be a word of encouragement to students and teachers, and sounds a bit like my motto:

“Keep readin’ and writin’!”  Bluebonnet Armadillo