Raindrops on noses!



51itjBlk4+L._SX384_BO1,204,203,200_We’re getting a lot of rain here in East Texas!  Which makes Pamela Haskin’s book, “Max, the Boy Raindrop” a very timely read.

Max is a shy raindrop who finds the courage to jump from the clouds by holding hands with his friend, Tony.  Max first lands on a man’s nose! But thanks to Tony, he learns that “the sun always helps us get home,” so that he can continue to have more adventures (rivers and waterfalls!) before it’s his turn to encourage other shy raindrops.

Pamela is both author and illustrator.  The illustrations were entirely created by paper shapes, showcasing Pamela’s artistic talents that she also uses in creating cards.  Published by Westbow Press, the book is available on Amazon.  AND….this book received the 2014 Writers’ League of Texas Book Award as the Discovery Prize Winner.  Congratulations, Pamela!

Now, MBC met Pamela last year when she was a featured speaker at a writer’s workshop.  Pamela liked MBC’s armadillo puppet (that would be me!) who was shy and whispered in her ear.  So she created a Max the Boy Raindrop puppet to use for her author/illustrator presentations.  MBC and I were thrilled and honored to learn we were the inspiration for this.

Yes, the “Max, the Boy Raindrop” book will be under MBC’s Christmas tree to encourage some young readers she knows to “keep reading and writing.”  Hope you’ll consider adding this book to your library, too.

Merry Christmas! Bluebonnet Armadillo