How Texans learn their ABCs!

Last year, Dede Weldon Casad, who happens to be the mother of MBC’s husband, Vic Casad, published “The Abecedarian Book for Kids,” illustrated by Mark Stokes.  This year, the two have teamed up to publish another delightful book that instructs children on the alphabet: “The Texas Abecedarian Book for Kids.”

Alphie the Abecedarian, in cowboy attire, narrates this book, noting Texas towns and landmarks under the appropriate letter.  An extra bonus for each letter are facts from Alphie’s Almanac highlighting historic notes regarding all things Texan.  Additionally, a list of cities and places mentioned in the book are found at the end…..125 total.

MBC is especially pleased that some of the towns she’s lived in are mentioned, including Dallas, Farmersville, Valley View and Sulphur Springs!

As for me, I like the letter “A” featuring an Armadillo at the Alamo!!  Sound familiar?

You will be delighted with this very fun way of teaching the ABCs to young Texans!  Order your copy at the link below:

As always, keep reading and writing!  Bluebonnet Armadillo