The day the new books arrive!

FacebookBanner_Basic  The day the new books arrive at MBC’s house is always a BIG day!  This week, three new books were delivered to the front door, but they were not books about me and my Texas travels.  While MBC hasn’t forgotten about me, she’s most recently turned her attention to a series of a different kind.

MBC and her brother, Clayton Oliphint, pastor of First United Methodist Church, Richardson, Texas, co-authored the three books—Citizens of Hope, The Road to Amazing, Get in the Game—as a part of a Christian discipleship study, The Basics. The three-part series explores the basics of Christian identity, practice and service.

Designed for busy people, both new and maturing disciples, the books are written on a practical and personal level.  Each chapter is based on a scriptural passage, and is illustrated with real-life stories that help connect faith and action. Chapters are followed by a “reflect” session that gives readers an opportunity to write about the scripture passage, the major points of the chapter and their “take-away:” what they will most remember about the chapter.

The books can be used for small groups, Sunday School classes, all church studies, or for personal devotionals.  Leader Guides are also available for each of the three books to assist group facilitators and class teachers. Published by Abingdon Press, all six books are available at:

I’m excited for MBC in this new writing endeavor.  However, I am happy to report that she has also been working on another book for the Bluebonnet Armadillo Adventure Series!  Check back on this blog in the next few weeks for an announcement about a new Bluebonnet book, coming soon!

In the meantime, remember……”Keep reading and writing!”  Bluebonnet Armadillo