Travelin’ the Texas Trails!


It’s summertime, and many of you have taken off for family trips and vacations.  No doubt, quite a few of you will be traveling through and about the great state of Texas, just like I do.  MBC and I are always excited to hear tales of where the books of the Bluebonnet Armadillo Adventure Series can be found.  So we have a request.  As you are travelin’ the Texas trails, and you come upon the Bluebonnet books in various stores and libraries, please take a “selfie” of you with the book, and send it to us at   With your permission, we’ll post it on the Bluebonnet Facebook page.  Be sure and include your name and the name of the store and city where you found the book.  It will be fun to see who finds the books and the various places they show up!

Pictured above is MBC’s niece Katy, who found a copy of “Bluebonnet at the State Capital of Texas” in a Texas tourist store in Round Rock.  Thanks for sending this to MBC, Katy!

Don’t forget to “keep readin'” on your summer vacation! Perhaps you’ll purchase a book from one of the stores you visit.  Also, the Bluebonnet Armadillo Adventure Series can be ordered on this website, as well as a special offer for a CD of three Bluebonnet stories, read by MBC!  Great for car trips!

Hoping to see you as we travel the Texas trails together!  Bluebonnet Armadillo