Travels on MonsterStreet

Halloween is a time for fun and scary tales, and no one captures that better than J.H. Reynolds in his spine-tingling MonsterStreet series!

MBC and I reconnected with J.H. in 2014 when he and co-author Craig Cunningham published another series entitled ”The Octobers.” (See my October 27, 2014 blog) But this past summer gave us an opportunity to renew our friendship in person after many years.

MBC and I were at our beloved Camp Waldemar when we received an email from J.H.:

“You visited my elementary school in Woodway in the late 80s to talk about Bluebonnet’s adventures at the Alamo, and I can vividly remember your visit. It had a positive and inspiring impact on me. I now write children’s novels for HarperCollins and my latest book series, MonsterStreet, received an endorsement from R.L.Stine, author of Goosebumps. I remember my elementary school library fondly and your visit being one that made books magical with endless possibilities (like seeing through the eyes of an armadillo beneath the Alamo.) I wanted to say thank you again for visiting that day and for all the seeds you’ve planted in the hearts, minds and imaginations of young people through the years and decades.”

As you might imagine, MBC was most appreciative of J. H.’s kind and generous words. Through further correspondence, a visit was arranged so that MBC might give his family a tour of Camp Waldemar. (That wonderful visit is pictured below; note that I am in the picture, too!)

MBC and her granddaughter Ana have enjoyed their reading of the MonsterStreet series, which includes four books: “The Boy Who Cried Werewolf,” ”The Halloweeners,” ”Carnevil,” ”Camp of No Return.” Ana says that our usual ”one chapter a night” doesn’t work with this series, because every chapter ends in such a suspenseful surprise that you have to keep reading to find out what happens! Of course, our favorite book was the fourth one about camp!

We’re so proud of J.H. and his wonderful writing that is thrilling and delighting thousands of young readers. J.H., we know you will live up to our motto, to ”keep reading and writing!” We can’t wait for more travels to MonsterStreet!

Happy Halloween!

Bluebonnet Armadillo