Visiting the “M” Cities

I’ve never visited Midland, Mineola or Mexia, but I hope my travels will take me there someday.  MBC, however, has a college classmate who is visiting lots of “M” cities and writing about them.

Author Jeffrey Eaton has created a charming character, Dalton Lee, in his first novel, “Murder Becomes Manhattan.” Now MBC was new to murder mysteries, but she was quite taken with Jeffrey’s writing style and his elaborate weaving of this tale.  As she wrote in her Amazon review of the book, “Was intrigued with the many levels of characters and complexity, and kept turning the page to see how it would all be resolved.  Now I am eagerly awaiting the next book to continue on the journey with Lee.”

This book is only for the parents and grandparents of Bluebonnet Armadillo Adventure Series readers, but MBC can certainly recommend it to them. It’s available in paperback, hardback and e-book, which is peppered with links of pictures, music, etc., a fun and fascinating way of bringing the reader into the setting.

Jeff and MBC, fellow journalism students at SMU, had not seen each other in several decades.  Jeff recently visited MBC in Sulphur Springs (not an “M” city, but a great place to live!) He made a presentation to her book club, the Bright Star Literary Society (Texas trivia:  “Bright Star” was the original name of the city of “Sulphur Springs!”)  and also visited the downtown Celebration District.

But back to the “M” cities……Jeffrey Eaton’s second Dalton Lee Mystery, “Murder Becomes Miami,” will soon be available. Hopefully, Dalton Lee will keep visiting those “M” cities, to the delight of MBC and many readers.

As always, “Keep reading and writing!”  Bluebonnet Armadillo

P.S.  MBC is proud that she helped inspire a part of Jeff’s book.  She once visited an “M” city…..Moscow….when she was a college student, and ended up in the police station, not unlike one of the characters in “Murder Becomes Manhattan.” Getting into trouble and finding her way out of it…..sounds a lot like my adventures!


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