We’re on a quest!

That’s right, MBC and I are on a quest to visit more than 16,000 Texas historical markers!

With markers scattered all across our state, commemorating persons, places and events important to Texas history, MBC and I have decided to stop and capture these markers on camera. After all, my very purpose for being is to teach Texas history!

The markers placed by the Texas Historical Commission are a fun way to learn about each area of the Lone Star State as we travel the Texas trails.  http://www.thc.texas.gov/preserve/projects-and-programs/state-historical-markers

So first up are two historical markers, one in English and one in Mandarin Chinese, commemorating the birthplace of Major General Claire L. Chennault of “Flying Tigers” fame.

You can visit these markers at 1501 Monroe St. in Commerce, Texas.  This is the first Mandarin Chinese language historical marker in the state of Texas.

(You can also learn more about Major General Chennault at the Chennault Aviation and Military Museum in Monroe, Louisiana.      www.chennaultmuseum.org

Major General Chennault grew up in Monroe, which happens to be MBC’s hometown!)

So how about it?  Want to join our quest?  Let’s see how many Texas historical markers and other Texas landmarks we can visit….ready, set, GO! (Two down…..lots more to go!)

Your traveling Texas armadillo friend, Bluebonnet