Women’s Storybook Project of Texas

MBC and Pelican Publishing Company are teaming up to donate Bluebonnet Armadillo books to the Women’s Storybook Project of Texas.  This program seeks to keep incarcerated mothers and their children connected by providing a book for the mother to send to her child.  Volunteers record the mother reading the book, along with a special message to the child.  The CD recording and book are mailed to the child.

The child can listen to Mom reading the book frequently, which helps to maintain a relationship between the two while they are separated.  And the child also has a new book to read!

I’m excited to know that some of the children will be hearing about my travels across Texas, and the new friends I make.  I hope the mothers enjoy reading the stories to their children as much as MBC and I enjoyed creating these adventures!

MBC has many author friends who have written children’s books.  She hopes they will consider donating some books to this very worthwhile project.  And to all who would like to be a part of this good cause, your donations of financial resources and books would be most welcome!  To learn more about the Women’s Storybook Project of Texas, visit www.storybookproject.org

Keep reading and writing, Bluebonnet